Storage ideas for kids rooms

Keeping kids rooms tidy can be a chore, so with a bit of creativity you can encourage them to use storage in their rooms more, by choosing something that is fun to use and look at.

Image by Mark Scott

There are lots of ideas on the market, one of the easiest is a blanket box that you can throw everything into quickly. Here are some suggestions from Go for something colourful or why not buy a plain white one that they can decorate themselves.

Make sure you label storage and that it can be reached easily. Fix taller cupboards to the wall. Here are some ideas for storage units with drawers or shelves from

You can also hide clever storage within other furniture such as beds and tables…


Fresh ideas for decorating small hallways

Always the narrowest areas in your house, or the most awkward shape, your hallway still needs to provide storage for many items along with the usual shoes and coats, so when the cupboard under the stairs is already full you will need some clever storage solutions. Don’t forget to measure up before you buy! Here are some styles to inspire you…

Hallway storage

Images from 25 Beautiful Homes/House to Home

Console Tables – These handy tables incorporate lots of drawers for all you bits and are designed to be shallower than a normal table to take up less room, there are so many styles to choose from so is a great site to help you find something right for your space.

Shoe storage – these are a great idea for keeping your hallway tidy and there are all sorts of clever designs to choose from to fit any space from Shoe Rack Storage, keep it right next to the front door, or in your porch, and there’s no excuse for leaving shoes around the house anymore! Here are some of the latest styles…