My travels in South East Asia

I’ve not posted for a while now as I have been away traveling in my favourite part of the world – South East Asia – for a few weeks, visiting the temples of Cambodia, soaking up the sun and the history of Vietnam, and shopping heaven in Singapore. The weather was gloriously hot and the food was amazing, here are some regional specialties I tried…

Chicken Murtabak

Chicken Murtabak in Singapore

Amok Curry

Amok curry with squid from Siem Reap, Cambodia

White Rose Dumplings

White Rose dumplings from Hoi An, Vietnam

Beef Pho

Beef Pho from Saigon, Vietnam

Chicken and Beef Satay

Chicken and beef satay in Singapore

Plus a few of the obligatory scary bits…

Snake Wine

Snake wine – yes people where actually drinking this!

Saigon food market – pigs ears, intestines, tongues, hearts and livers

And dried fish – the smell was enough to knock you over!