Build a bug hotel to attract more wildlife to your garden

Bug Hotel

Building a bug hotel or wildlife stack in your garden is a great way to attract beneficial insects and wildlife into your garden such as ladybirds, bumble bees, butterflies, frogs & toads. This will help to create a more diverse range of wildlife in your garden, help tackle those unwanted bugs in your garden and increase pollination.

You can make use of any materials you have lying around the garden, shed or garage, or start collecting unwanted items from friends and neighbours, skips or recycling depots. It doesn’t have to cost you anything at all. Choose a site that is in a sheltered part of your garden with some sun, and make sure to add a roof or top to keep the rain out. You will need:

  • Wooden pallets, or pieces of timber
  • Bricks or air bricks
  • Pipes and tubes
  • Bamboo canes, drinking straws and anything with hollow stems
  • Straw, hay and dry leaves
  • Pine cones and twigs
  • Rolled up paper
  • Roofing felt or roof tiles
  • Crushed bricks, rubble and sand

Arrange some bricks on the ground as a base, then build up each layer at a time using wooden pallets or timber and bricks as spacers. Fill each layer with as wide a variety of items as possible, finish with some sort of water repelling roof firmly attached so it doesn’t blow off in the winter.

It doesn’t have to look like the one above that I built, here are some more ideas…

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