Decorating with shades of grey

Grey is a versatile colour for the home and adapts well to any style of decorating, and gives a more modern and sophisticated feel that simple cream and beige. Here are some inspirational rooms that use greys to create a soft, romantic look, perfect for a faded vintage effect.

Christy Toile bedlinen

Grey Toile bed linen from Christy

Cabbages and Roses Charcoal fabrics

Charcoal fabrics, wallpapers and accessories from Cabbages and Roses

Laura Ashley Casual Chic

Casual Chic theme in dove grey from Laura Ashley


The 4 best ‘must-have’ power tools for your garden

Having the best tools for the job will make your life so much easier, not having the best can drive you up the wall, when there are jobs around the garden that need doing regularly. So I thought I should let you know about the following products that I have recently bought for use in my garden that all do the job so well I think you need to know about it!

1 – Bosch Rotak 43 Ergoflex Lawnmower £179.95

I have a medium size lawn and it can take quite a while to mow, so this lawnmower has a wider cutting area than most, it’s also really light and easy to maneuver, and it cuts right to the edges doing a very neat job.

2 – Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Blade Shredder £148.99

At the start of spring there is always loads of plant matter to get rid of when tidying up the garden for the summer. This shredder does a great job chopping it all up into tiny pieces ready for the compost heap. So easy!

3 – Flymo Sabrecut Cordless Hedgetrimmer £89.99

If you have fairly tall hedges in your garden cutting them can be a bit of a pain, this tool does the job nicely, you can extend it and angle the head. The battery pack is a bit heavy after a while though.

4 – Kärcher K2.300 Pressure Washer £129.00

This is a very versatile pressure washer, it comes with different attachments for cleaning you patio and anything else that needs a blast – windows, cars, garden furniture, the list is endless.

Beautiful Titanic inspired jewellery

This month is the 100th anniversary of the voyage of the Titanic. This amazing and tragic story has captured the nations attention with the endlessly fascinating stories of the ship and it’s passengers, as well as spotlighting the luxurious fashion of the era. This beautiful jewellery now available from Goldsmiths really captures the style of the Edwardian period…

Left to right: Swarovski Reverie Aqua Valentines Pendant £69, Swarovski Reverie Rose Valentines Pendant £69, Swarovski Crystal Oceanic Pendant £105, Ti Sento Silver Cubic Zirconia and Pearl Drop Earrings £90, Ti Sento Silver Cat’s Eye Pendant £310, Swarovski Peace, Purple Crystal Wings Motif Pendant £99.


My travels in South East Asia

I’ve not posted for a while now as I have been away traveling in my favourite part of the world – South East Asia – for a few weeks, visiting the temples of Cambodia, soaking up the sun and the history of Vietnam, and shopping heaven in Singapore. The weather was gloriously hot and the food was amazing, here are some regional specialties I tried…

Chicken Murtabak

Chicken Murtabak in Singapore

Amok Curry

Amok curry with squid from Siem Reap, Cambodia

White Rose Dumplings

White Rose dumplings from Hoi An, Vietnam

Beef Pho

Beef Pho from Saigon, Vietnam

Chicken and Beef Satay

Chicken and beef satay in Singapore

Plus a few of the obligatory scary bits…

Snake Wine

Snake wine – yes people where actually drinking this!

Saigon food market – pigs ears, intestines, tongues, hearts and livers

And dried fish – the smell was enough to knock you over!